Lush Bath Bomb Ad

This is a poster I made for a client of mine who wanted a poster for her Lush Cosmetics. The Lush Bath Bombs reminded me very much of planets – and when used, the beautiful water reminded me of space. The background isn’t actually space, it’s a bath bomb in use. … More Lush Bath Bomb Ad

How to Be Unbreakable

Netflix has blessed us yet again with another season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, when I was going through hard times, it kept me calm and made me feel safe. And not just safe… It made me feel unbreakable. Three seasons later, I still feel unbreakable. In fact, I feel stronger now more than anything. I feel myself getting better. I feel myself wanting to get better. … More How to Be Unbreakable

My Favorite 90’s Animated Series | Nostalgia Corner

Oh, what could be more nostalgic than 90’s cartoons? Seriously, the kind of shows that you watch as a kid can really define you. Were you part of the MTV generation, or the early Disney Channel? Well, while I do remember watching these series as a kid, I found a new love for them when I’ve rewatched them at an older age. … More My Favorite 90’s Animated Series | Nostalgia Corner