Let’s Go on an Adventure

This poster is a typography poster. I imagine it somewhere in a mountain cafe or a traveling restaurant. I just love the whole idea of adventure being out there and how there’s so much of the world to see and there’s just not enough time. … More Let’s Go on an Adventure


Children’s Classics: Books vs. Movies | Nostalgia Corner

For a lot of us, books were a huge part of our childhood. In fact, reading was such an essential part of being a kid that now as adults, we don’t even do it anymore. It would ruin our memories. And with Ferdinand coming soon, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the great kids book to movies. … More Children’s Classics: Books vs. Movies | Nostalgia Corner

Lush Bath Bomb Ad

This is a poster I made for a client of mine who wanted a poster for her Lush Cosmetics. The Lush Bath Bombs reminded me very much of planets – and when used, the beautiful water reminded me of space. The background isn’t actually space, it’s a bath bomb in use. … More Lush Bath Bomb Ad