How to Watch More Stuff


When it comes to entertainment, one question that I get asked a lot is, “How do you watch so much stuff?”

I get why people ask this. It’s a busy world out there, and people barely have time anymore to even text back. (Or at least they say so!) But movies are such a part of our cultural fabric and there are so many films and shows to watch and…GAHH, how do you deal with all of this?!

Well, have no fear, because I’m here to solve this important first world problem. Movies are a huge priority to me. They calm me down and cheer me up after a busy week. I always make time for them. Here’s how you can make time for them too:


Yup. That’s right. I said it. Oh, you prefer bingewatching? Well, too bad, buddy, ‘cuz you don’t have time for that. Instead of eating up an entire day watching 8 episodes and not getting anything done in the process, you can eat up just 40 minutes every week and not have to give up a day of productivity.

What is the obsession with bingewatching, anyway? TV series are meant to be watched week by week. You’re supposed to grow with the characters, not just spend a day with them. The cliffhangers are meant to keep you guessing for a week, not for a minute before you press next episode. And watching week by week keeps you updated, giving you more to talk about with fellow watchers.

Watching week by week is just much more fulfilling, believe me.


Watching when you feel like it is fun and all, but it isn’t the way to go when you’re too busy to feel like it. I still watch movies when I’m spontaneously up for it, but for the most part, I always make sure to watch a movie every Friday night. It’s the night when I’m always free, and it feels like a reward to me after a busy week.

Depending on your schedule, it might be a different night, but setting aside a night every week for a movie is certainly effective. If you’re anything like me, it gives you something to look forward to. If you keep at it enough that it feels like a tradition, it actually forces you to relax, because then, it feels dirty to go through a Friday night not watching anything.

Plus, if you make it through a year, you’d have watched 52+ movies. Now that’s a LOT.


My favorite series ever is The Simpsons. And guess what? I haven’t seen all of the episodes.

And I know what you’re going to say, “Yeah, I stopped watching after season 10 too” but no, I mean I still haven’t seen every episode of seasons 1 to 10. Whenever I want to watch it, I just go through blog posts on the best Simpsons episodes and watch what’s on there.
I do this a lot with some of my favorite sitcoms: Friends, Parks & Recreation, Animaniacs… I just watch random episodes. But a lot of people seem to believe watching every episode is an absolute necessity.

With most sitcoms, you don’t have to! You don’t have to give up the experience of an awesome sitcom just because you don’t have time to bingewatch the entire thing. Give yourself a break and just watch the best episodes of a series, if you must. They’re all anyone ever talks about anyway.

Well, that’s my advice. Let’s get to watching, fellow couch potatoes.


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