Why Hating on a Movie Isn’t Worth It | Nostalgia Corner


The first time I watched Finding Dory, I hated it.

Now, I know a lot of people like this movie, so I’m not going to get in on why I hated the movie, but holy crap, did I hate it. I was so angry at it. Right after watching it, I was just about ready to open my laptop and write a 1000 word essay on why I hated it so much on Facebook.

Thankfully, right afterwards, we went to a hotel resort without Wi-Fi, so I was forced to relax and collect my thoughts.

And really…why did I hate the movie so much? Right now, I think the movie’s okay. I’m very indifferent about it. But back then, I was ready to completely hate on it. I hated the fact that everyone loved it except for me. How could they like this movie? I was one step closer to becoming a film snob…

And then I told myself, “It’s just a movie.”

Finding Dory was just a movie to me. In a week, I’d forget all about it. When summer was over and school was back, everyone would move on to the next big movie. I’d never watch it again, and if I ever came across it on HBO I’d just change the channel.

To some people, however, Finding Dory is more than just a movie. They watch it over and over because it cheers them up. This movie tugs their heartstrings and makes them teary-eyed. They feel emotionally connected to the characters and see themselves in the characters’ situations. They really, really love this movie.

I was hating on this movie…because I wanted them to hate it.

Why? Why would I want to ruin a movie they love so much for them? What good would that do me? That’s the beauty of film – it’s so diverse and there are so many different people with different opinions that you’ll never run out of options.

Negative reviews are essential for film to grow and develop. Hating on a movie isn’t. People will like things you hate – that’s never going to change. You’re not above people because they like things you don’t. In fact, they’re able to enjoy something while all you have is hate. Let people enjoy and love movies the way you enjoy and love movies too. (Odds are, there are people who hate the movie you love too.)

Don’t be a hater. It ain’t cool, man.


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