Five Things I’d Do With a Million Dollars


A million dollars. That’s a lot of money. Especially to me, who currently only has a thousand in my bank account. What would I do with all that money? What would I do if tomorrow, I wake up and find out that I had won the lottery? What would I do with so much wealth in my hands?

Well, first things first…

1.) I’d save up half of it.

It sounds boring, but you’d do it too. Money is not easy to come by, and a million dollars may be a lot, but it’s not that much – you could end up spending it all if you’re not careful. 500,000 dollars could really help me out, especially since there are a lot of financial problems in life that come unexpectedly.

And hey, that still leaves me 500,000 to spend. Of course I’m going to splurge a bit.

2.) Turn my room into a reading nook.

I’d completely redecorate my room. I’d hire an interior decorator to turn into a reading nook, a secluded place where I could read books and watch movies all day. I’m kind of having a storage problem with my books and DVDs, so some new shelves could really help out. Also, it would make me really happy. Spending all day in my nook would be a dream come true.

3.) Buy a new camera.

For everything I’ll be doing with my million dollars, I’m going to need a new camera – and since my DSLR is broken, this would be my chance to buy a new one. A better one – one that’s less bulkier, easier to carry around, and has a reversible screen. After all, I’m going to use it to take pictures and videos with all the travelling I’ll be doing…

4.) Travel a lot.

I’d travel so much! I’d go to Paris, to New York, to Barcelona! Really, I just want to see the world. There’s just so much to do and so much to see that if feels like a waste to spend all my time in one place. The world is such a big place. I’d never forgive myself if I passed on the chance to see more of it.

5.) Buy Broadway tickets.

When I get to New York, the first thing I’m doing is buying Broadway tickets. I’m a huge Broadway fan and seeing a Broadway show live in New York would be another dream come true. I’d definitely watch Wicked, since it’s my favorite Broadway play that’s running, but if for some reason I can’t, then I’d be just as happy to see Waitress or Dear Evan Hansen or…well, just about anything, really!

And those are the things I’d do with a million dollars! I’m sure there are a lot more, but this list seems busy enough already. And if I get too tired in between…

Well, I always have a nook to go back to.


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