If I Had 3 Wishes


Cinderella told us, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, which, when you think about it, doesn’t make a lot of sense. If that were true, then our hearts wish for us to loose our teeth or fall down a building.

Geez, our hearts really seem to hate us.

But Cinderella did get one thing right – we all have wishes. And so do I. And if I had the luck of a Disney character and found a genie lamp or had a fairy godmother, here’s what my three wishes would be.

1.) To watch a Broadway play


I have always been a Broadway kind of guy. From the classics like Les Miserables and A Chorus Line to the more recent ones like Waitress and Dear Evan Hansen, Broadway musicals have always kind of been my thing. I love listening to all these talented performers belt their songs out while simultaneously telling a story. Really, there’s just so much to love about Broadway.

But while I’m used to watching recordings and listening to soundtracks, not watching movies because the movies tend to disappoint, the big wish is to finally be able see one on stage. Where they’re performing and giving all they’ve got and I’m in the same room to witness it all. I would love to be able to finally check seeing a Broadway show off my bucket list, so much so that I really won’t mind what I watch!

Except for Fiddler on the Roof. That’s probably my least favorite musical ever.

2.) To ride a hot air balloon


Do you ever draw something by default? Like you’re daydreaming, doodling away on the back of your notebook to kill time, and there’s always this one thing that you always end up doodling? My friend draws the G Clef symbol by default. You might draw snails by default. I draw hot air balloons by default.

I have no idea when or even why it started, but I always find myself doodling these balloons. I think it’s because the design gives me freedom to do a different pattern for every balloon. My friends have even started associating me with hot air balloons, tagging me in pictures and posts every time they see one.

And it’s for that reason alone that I want to write a hot air balloon. I’ve never ridden one, and I’d really, really want to. Also, I think it could be a lot of fun. Being up there in the clouds, looking down at the beautiful view of the city…I think it’d be wonderful.

3.) To make a movie


Movies. I love movies so much. They’re my favorite thing in the world. I love movies for the same reason you probably do. (And if you don’t like movies…what?) They’re fun. They take you to great places and introduce you to great characters. And if you get attached enough, a movie can even stick with you for a really long time. Movies are freaking awesome.

But I also love movies because of how many people are involved in it. So much work is done both in front and behind the camera, and so much people are needed to accomplish this. All these creative people getting together to create something together – now that’s the real movie magic. And if I could be part of this – even if I’m just an extra, or the guy who delivers donuts – well, it’d be the best thing ever.

Wishes. They give us hope and something to look forward. And while we may not all have the luck of a Disney princess, that’s no reason our dreams can’t come true. It’ll just take a little more hard work, that’s all.

But I’m making sure my wishes come true. I don’t know about you, but I’m making sure mine do.


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