Stay Weird.


One of my favorite Oscar speeches will always be Graham Moore’s when he when Best Screenplay for The Imitation Game (a great movie, btw):


I’ve been called weird – and not in a nice way either. Not in a way that goes, You guys are such weirdos. I love you. And I’m sure all of you have been called weird in a mean way too. By people who think different is synonymous with wrong.

But why?

Why did we grow up thinking weird was a dirty word? Why did we grow up hating ourselves for being different? Why were we taught conforming was the way to go?

So to anyone who still chooses not to conform, still chooses to be himself/herself: you are one of the bravest people in the world.

Think about it. The world feeds on your insecurities. It will tell you being different is wrong. Every advertisement you see on TV or hear on the radio will tell you that something about you is different, and they’ll offer the solution to fix it. And people will sneer at you for being different too. They’ll look at you and think you’re strange and they’ll call you names.

Yet still, you rise above it. And you don’t change – not for anybody.

Because those people rely on other people to define who they are. They’ll think too much about what other people think of them. They’ll go wherever the road takes them. But you – you make your own road. You’re brave enough to travel unknown destinations, even if that means travelling it alone. You stay true to who you are; even if literally every single thing in the world is telling you otherwise – telling you to conform, to change, to be thinner, prettier, more normal, be like others, to not be yourself at all.

Yet here you are, not listening to a word they’re saying. Most people would be too scared to do that. Yet you do. And that makes you brave.

And great things happen to those who are brave.

After all, weird people run the world. Do they not? In order to make a difference, you need to stand out – you need something that sets you apart from everyone else, something that is uniquely you.

So stay weird, my friends.

Because great things are going to happen when you do.


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