SEND THIS to Your Cousin!


Hey there, cuz!

How’s it going? You doing well? Is school working out for you? Don’t forget, lunch with the family on Tuesday, right? I still have a bunch of stuff I borrowed from you like, two years ago, so be sure to remind me to return them to you.

They say your cousin is your first best friend, and I don’t know if that’s true for everybody, but it’s certainly true for me. I literally can’t remember the first time we met. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever formally introduced ourselves to each other. Hmm. Strange. Maybe we should do it this Tuesday.

You make our family just a little bit more bearable. Maybe that’s why you and I got along so well. We were united by one thing, and that was being a victim of our dysfunctional family. I don’t know if I could’ve made it this far without you. I’m glad you understand the pains of our family, and that you and I will grow up and bond over the traumatic scars left from our childhood. (But we’ll remember all the great times too. There were a lot of them with you.)

And yeah, we fought a lot. That’s part of the contract you sign when you become cousins with someone. And while I’m still very right about some of those fights, I’m glad none of them ever got in the way of us loving each other. (I mean, I assume it didn’t. I’m sending you this, after all.)

If you’re younger, don’t worry about life. You’ll get through it. Our family’s not all that bad. Some days, they’re pretty cool. And you’re a smart, good fella. You’ll do great things in life, I just know it. You’ll get through it just by being you.

If you’re older, thank you for helping me get this far. And thanks for all the dubious advice. I’ll deny this if you ask me again, but I learned a lot from you. If every person you meet helps make you who you are, you helped make me who I am a lot. …for better or for worse.

I’m not sure yet if I really believe that blood is thicker than water, but if I had to make that choice and listed down all the pros of our blood, you’d definitely be part of it. Maybe you’d even be at the top of it.


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