Five Feelings All Long Distance BFFs Recognize

I’ve been in long distance friendships since the 8th Grade. When I was 14, my best friend moved all the way to Australia. We weren’t even able to hang out before she left. It was the absolute worst.

But not really.

Because when I think about it, not much really changed. In fact, I’m pretty sure our friendship just grew stronger.

Now, I’m in college, and I have to take a plane ride to get back home – can you believe that? And since living a hundred miles away from where all my friends are, my life has become revolved around messaging, Skype, and tagging each other in the comments section. But I know I’m not the only one with long distance BFFs. And these are feelings we all recognize:

The Empty Feeling You Can’t Name


Living alone really got to me. There was nothing familiar about my surroundings, nothing familiar about the people I went to school with. And yeah, the whole newness of it was exciting.

But there was this one night that I really remember. It was midway through the semester, and I felt so lonely. And I had friends. But it was a different kind of loneliness. It wasn’t that I felt nobody was there; it was that a specific person wasn’t there. It didn’t matter how many friends I had. I was lonely because my partners in crime weren’t there. The ones whom I was connected to the hip to in high school. And nobody could replace them.

So I didn’t sleep that night. Instead, I called my friends, and when they went to sleep, I watched Wreck-it Ralph two times in a row.

There’s always going to be nights like that, or even mornings or afternoons like that. But I’ll learn to cope. After all, I can still connect with my friends. Which leads me to feeling number two:

The Absolute NEED For Wi-Fi


Your first question when you reach a destination is, “Is there Wi-Fi here?”

Because you NEED Wi-Fi. How else can you messenger your friend that funny conversation you overheard when buying groceries? They certainly weren’t there to hear it with you.

Not only that, but you need to know what’s going on in their lives too. Did that cute girl talk to him today? And what was up with that tweet?

I became addicted to my phone right after I moved – and while that’s not very healthy, I couldn’t help myself. After every class, I’d messenger them about how boring the class was or how hard the exams were. If something even slightly funny happened, a direct message was on the way. Nothing ever felt like it happened until I told my best friend about it.

(I should really tone it down, though. My phone bill is through the roof.)

The False Alarm


There was this one day where I was catching up on Gravity Falls (my favorite show!) and I was at Season 2 Episode 19. No spoilers, but I cried. Sobbing, I immediately called one of my best friends to tell her about it.

She reacted like she thought my mother had died.

After calming her down and assuring her that no, I did not get a girl pregnant, she screamed, “Are you serious?! You’re crying because of a TV Show?! Jesus Christ, I thought your parents got murdered or something!”

This isn’t the first time this happened, though. I’m always going to receive calls where I thought something awful had happened, only for it to be a false alarm. Sometimes, it’s really funny. And they always end up into stories – Hey, remember the time I called you and you nearly died?

The Distance Between You Two


Another one of my best friends and I had a really long conversation on the phone one time. His date had stood him up.

(Ironically, the two of them are dating now.)

I wanted to punch him. (The guy who stood him up, not my best friend.) I wanted to give my best friend a hug. But I couldn’t do either. Because they were miles away from me. And while I was there for him via phone call, I wanted to do so much there. I wanted him to be there for him. Like, actually, physically be there for him.

This is a feeling that never completely disappears – when the distance becomes an actual feeling. Whenever I see something that reminds me of them, or go to an event and think, oh, they’d have so much fun here, I’m always going to be reminded of how far away we are from each other.

Which is why the next feeling is the best feeling in the world:

The Joy of Seeing Them Again


FINALLY! After months of not seeing them, you’re back together again! There’s just so much you have to do. Catch up? Definitely. Oooh, go to that new store! Watch a movie together! I miss your parents, can I come visit your house sometime?

I love meeting my friends again, and they clearly love it too. Even if you can only hang out for the day, you know it’s going to be the best day you’ve had in a while. Because you always have fun with them. Nothing’s ever boring when they’re around.

So do long distance BFFs have it tough? Maybe. I’d love it if my best friends were just a few miles away. But there’s also something to be said about long distance BFFs, and how these friends don’t let distance get to them. And that’s why you know your friendship is true.

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