17 Things You Know For Sure at 17

  1. There are two kinds of people: people who radiate confidence and naturally succeed in life, and people who wish those people would all burn in a fire.
  2. It’s not that parents don’t understand what it’s like to be a teenager – it’s that they don’t remember. Then again, you don’t blame them. It must be hard remembering the Stone Age.
  3. Grades are the absolute worst. They don’t measure intelligence, they measure memorization. You’re never going to use what you’re studying in school in real life anyway.
  4. You’re the only one who feels alone and lost in life. Everyone else seems to have it all together except for you.
  5. You’re never going to find your next best friend.
  6. You’re never going to find your significant other.
  7. The only real definition of being an adult is this: an adult is always right, and if you’re younger, you’re always wrong.
  8. You’re family just doesn’t get you! Goddamit, you didn’t choose this family. If you did, then you totally wouldn’t have.
  9. You’re going to be friends with that one person your whole life, and nothing’s ever going to change that.
  10. You need that new shirt. Or those new shoes. Or that new video game. Or that new novel from that author you like. You don’t just want it – you need it. You’re not going to survive without it.
  11. You’re fat.
  12. You’re not just fat – you’re ugly. Your nose is too big. Your hair is too messy. It takes two hours in the morning just for you to look okay.
  13. You have the time. You have the energy. You just don’t have the money. If you had the money, life would have no boring minute. You’d always be out there having fun.
  14. The whole world is against you.
  15. You are awkward, you have always been awkward, and you will always be awkward.
  16. College is going to be so much better.
  17. You’re only young once. Is it over yet?
Be sure to catch The Edge of Seventeen starring the ever so gorgeous Hailee Steinfeld, on DVD this February 14th! Relive all the awkwardness and angst of being 17 – or, if you’re 17 now…hang in there, buddy.

One thought on “17 Things You Know For Sure at 17

  1. 😂😂 This sounds like such an angst-ridden post. Lol.
    Maybe it’s because I always read a lot of books or just general indifference to the world, but I hardly ever felt like this. Then again even if I had, I’m not likely to admit it, now am I.
    Great post


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