Hong Kong Night Life | Day 3 | Photography Portfolio

My family and I went to Hong Kong for Christmas, because we’re the Kranks and we don’t want to celebrate any of that Yuletide nonsense. We stayed there for 3 days, and lucky for me, I brought my camera with me.

The third and final day was a more chill day, both literally and figuratively. (Seriously, though, it was freezing.) We didn’t go to a theme park or a historical landmark – instead, we decided to venture the streets of Mongkok. We even got a bit of shopping done along the way. Unfortunately, this does not equate to multiple photo subjects, so there’s only 11 in this gallery.

I also decided not to bring my camera with me this time, because reasons and reasons and also reasons. (Okay, I forgot to charge my camera.) So every photo you see here was taken from an iPhone. Is that an excuse or does it make the portfolio even more impressive? You decide.

Enjoy the photographs! And if you want a more portfolio experience, check out the same one I made for MyAlbum!



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