If I Were in a Zombie Apocalypse

I’m not the biggest zombie fan. Sure, I’ve seen Zombieland more than twice, but other than that I don’t find zombies very compelling antagonists. (Sorry, World War Z fans.) However, the zombie apocalypse is definitely a common topic with me and my friends. Who would be the first to die? How would we survive? Where would we die? Who would we sacrifice?

And since it seemed like a fun topic to blog about, I thought I’d share some with you guys!

If I were in a zombie apocalypse, the first thing I’d do is turn on my laptop and download The Walking Dead soundtrack. No way am I experiencing a zombie apocalypse without any background music.

I probably wouldn’t stay in my house. I don’t have a basement and it doesn’t seem like the smart thing to do. So, I’d run away, but the things I’d bring are a phone and a charger. Don’t forget the charger, guys. What happens when your phone dies? COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO SURVIVAL.

Remember that episode in The Walking Dead where the mom told the girl to stay put, but the girl left, and they didn’t know where the hell she went? That could’ve been solved easily if they had charged phones! (Actually, would cell connection still work? Meh. Even if it doesn’t, at least I can take pictures on my phone.)

Oh, come on. You know the first thing people are going to do when a zombie apocalypse happens is take pictures and videos. #Millenial.

I’d probably still be really picky on the food I eat. Just for a while, though. (Oh no. I’m going to die of starvation, aren’t I? And all because I refused to eat celery!)

To be honest, I think I’d die in a zombie apocalypse. I mean, I think I’d survive for a few weeks. But I’m not a very stealthy or athletic person and eventually I’m going to fall prey. But how does one survive a zombie apocalypse? Do they just wait ‘til all the zombies are dead? Is there any point in trying to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse, anyway?

See, these are the questions zombie movies and series always fail to answer.

What about you guys? Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?


3 thoughts on “If I Were in a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I think just cause of the location I live in, I would survive. I live on an island with a population less than 300,000. If I wait it out I could bunch up with the survivors and live nicely.

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  2. The funny (?) thing is, if zombie apocalypse would happen, many people are going to be eaten while watching news announcing the apocalypse and laughing…


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