There are Fights You’re Not Going to Win | Facts of Life

Here’s a fun fact of life: there are fights you’re not going to win.

And sometimes, it has nothing to do with reason, because the person you’re fighting against won’t even bother to listen to you. And there are fights that you’re just not going to win, because it makes no sense for you to. You’re not going to win a fight against your parents, because your parents are your parents and they will always have the final say of every argument.

They are the jury, and the jury is biased.

And there are fights you’re not going to win because they’re just simply not worth it. You’re never going to change your uncle’s old fashioned ways. Even if you show him multiple evidences that the world is changing, they’re so adamant with his way of thinking it’s never going to change his mind. There’s almost no point trying.

They say this a lot: choose your battles wisely. 2016 was the year I realized how true it is.

Choose battles where you know you have an equal chance of winning. Do not choose battles with people higher than you, with people you know can make your life a living hell. And I don’t mean people with the same class, same age, or same position – I mean people with just equal alliances as you do. And if you haven’t reached that level yet, keep working until you do. And then you fight.

Choose battles that matter. That matter a long time. Do not battle something that won’t even matter the next day. Do not fight with your parents about uncooked meals; do not fight with your significant other about trivial things. Instead, choose calm discussions, and accept things you’re just going to have to accept, because if you don’t, things will be much worse than they need to be.

Choose battles that you’re ready for. You have your back-up plan in case you fail. For example, if you’re thinking about dropping out, make sure you have the money in case you need to move out. Choose battles in which you’re ready to face the consequences for. If you’re not, then you’re putting yourself at risk.

Choose battles you can’t live without fighting for. If you can live without fighting for a pair of shoes, then go on and live. But if you can’t live without fighting for your future, your freedom, your worth, your treatment, your priorities, then by all means, go ahead and put on your shining armor.

There are fights you’re not going to win. It’s kind of a sad reality. But it’s a fact of life. And really, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. At the end of the day, if your battle doesn’t change you, then it’s not a battle worth having.


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