My 5 Favorite Christmas Ads

Ahh…Christmas. That one time a year where you’re supposed to feel warm and fuzzy but you don’t and you feel guilty for it, and everyone around you makes you feel guilty for it too.


Thank you, Ryan Gosling.

Okay, so I’m not the biggest Christmas person. I don’t hate it, but I’ve stopped being excited for it a long time ago. That said, I do love the songs. They’re always so fun and catchy. But if there’s one other thing that gets in the mood…it’s Christmas ads.

Christmas is the one time a year advertisers can be as emotionally manipulative as they can and not feel guilty for it. And which ones do I fall for, every year? Well, here are my five favorite Christmas ads:

Folger’s “Brother and Sister” Commercial

YUP, you know this one was going to be in this list. It’s not Christmas without watching that incest commercial with your family. Seriously, this ad just brings me so much joy during the holidays, because it’s just so uncomfortable to watch.

I mean, look at the way these two look at each other!


What was going on? Did they hire a couple to play siblings? Was the original commercial supposed to be a couple, but last minute changes made it a sibling thing? Or did the people they cast just seriously want to make out with each other?

Whatever it was, it’s certainly earned a place in many people’s heads. (Though maybe not in the way Floger intended to.)

Apple – Frankie’s Holiday

Honestly, what a strange commercial. This ad just came out this year but already it’s making its staple. I mean, Frankenstein’s monster? Living alone in the winter? Who comes to the village and sings Home for the Holidays with his iPhone? Who came up with this pitch?


Well, whoever did was apparently a genius, because it worked. It had the heart and even got me tearing up by the end of it all. Seriously, I did not expect to get so choked up at Frankenstein’s monster singing a Christmas song. Either way, it’s a clever commercial, one that I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing for the holidays to come.

Campell’s Soup 1993 Snowman

Go snowmen! Especially snowmen with a smile as adorable as his!


But seriously, isn’t this just the cutest commercial? Great work with the snowman puppet, guys. You know I’m a sucker for good puppet work. (Oh, you don’t? You must have never mentioned the Muppets around me then.)

And really, that smile when he goes home and eats the soup can brighten anyone’s day. Just look at it! Look at how happy he looks!

Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial

This is a really simple commercial, but I put it so high on the list because I have such fond memories of it. Every time it comes on I always stop what I’m doing to watch. It’s not much, and it’s short, but it catches people’s attention.

It’s just so…creative! Hershey’s Kisses as Jingle Bells? It’s a blast to watch. It’s the same feeling you get when Christmas carollers come by your door – except, this time, it’s chocolate! Not to mention that little red Kiss at the end of it all. Boy, you are sure a spirit, aren’t you, Little Red Kiss?


I could just gobble you up.

Coming Home for Christmas | Heathrow Airport

AIRPORTS. My one weakness. As someone to whom airports have become a second home, ads with airports always make me tear up. Ahh, fuck it – scenes with airports always make me tear up. (Flashing back to Love, Actually.)

And this ad even has the balls to add teddy bears. TEDDY BEARS. How dare you combine two of my favorite things.


Look at how cute the teddy bears are! Look at how he can’t carry the bag, it’s just so adorable! Oh my gosh, I just want to hug them both. And that twist in the end!


Oh my gosh, the bears were old people, looking for their grandkids! Ahh, tug at my hearstrings, why don’t you! (Although, were the kids alone at the airport? Are they going to be ones driving their grandparents home? Boy, driving laws sure have changed since I got my license…)

This one just melts my frozen heart. It’s adorable, it’s heartwarming, and every time it shows on TV it never fails to make me smile.

So there you go! Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


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