Facts About the Teenager


The teenager is anyone aged 13 – 19. There are many kinds of teenagers, but if we were to separate them into two, it would be this: the 13-year-old teenager, who makes embarrassing choices and horrible decisions, and the teenager older, who do not like to talk about or even remember these embarrassing choices.

The teenager is also very confused. He/she is in this mixed up situation where he’s too young to act young and too old to act old. He/she will be told multiple times “you’re only young” and “you’re already old” – too many times that he/she will have lost count. And the teenager will find it absolutely irritating.

The teenager will have an obsession. Doesn’t matter what kind of a teenager he/she is – he/she will have an obsession. This could be anything: books, movies, music, bands, sports, anime, tv shows, etc. The teenager will also have a talent – most likely in line to whatever obsession he/she is. Now, this could go two ways: either the teenager pursues this talent and gets better and better, or the teenager thinks he/she’s not good enough and gives up before even giving him/herself a chance to grow.

The teenager will spent majority of his/her time in front of technology. How could he/she not? Technology is a great thing, one that allows you to do so many things in just a press of a button. He/she will be degraded because of it. Doesn’t matter. The teenager will still enjoy his/her social media, apps, games and e-books, even if you do not approve.

The teenager will be lonely. Sometimes, very very lonely. There will be times when he/she will feel like an outsider – will feel that he/she does not belong. The teenager will also be insecure. There will always be something not perfect – something he/she wants to change about him/herself. But the teenager will never be alone.

The teenager will be told: “You think you know everything there is to this world.” And in a way, they’re right. No, the teenager does not know everything about the world. But he knows everything about his/her world. After all, is that not the point of growing up?

The teenager is invincible. He/she still has so much hope in his/her bones and and will want to make the most out of life. He/she knows no death, knows no end. And because of this, the teenager is one of the most hope-filled creatures on the planets. Non-teenagers will try to bring the teenager down, to tell him/her that his/her hope is ridiculous, that it’s not practical. But the teenager will not be affected. No matter how hard they try.

The teenager will soon grow up into an adult. Into what kind of adult, I don’t know – I am a teenager, and not yet an adult. But hopefully a great adult. One that changes the world. (Or at least his/her world.)


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